INFO abounds on the internet. Much of it is MURKY. Here we SEEK and SHARE BRIGHTER and more COMPELLING content. Some CURRENT & ANCIENT CONTENT is SO ILLUMINATING that you may WONDER WHY you’ve NEVER heard about it before. The GOOD NEWS is that THERE are TRUTHFUL and EVIDENTIAL REASONS why you may not have. IT’s not JUST YOU who have been BAMBOOZLED and perhaps left feeling LOST or, at least, a little DISENCHANTED.

SOME of this content will be shrouded in EVIL and TRAGEDY.  Although, as we DISCOVER the TRUTH, going through this struggle of facing OBJECTIVE REALITY can be EMPOWERING & TRANSFORMATIVE and can lead us to true VICTORY and FREEDOM, thus compelling us to LIVE BOLD, BEAUTIFUL & MEANINGFUL LIVES!!! How JOYful is that?!

MAY we together BRIDGE the GAPS with FASCINATING stories, BEAUTIFUL things and HELPFUL resources that FILL IN those dark VALLEYS with LIGHT so that we can all be UPLIFTED and FOLLOW a CLEAR & WONDERFUL WAY of LIFE!

“Keep a fire burning in your eye,

pay attention to the open sky,

you never know what will be coming down…”

~ Jackson Browne

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