About ~ Look Beyond

AVILA’S ABBEY is an online archive of random articles, media, art and accessories curated initially to organize these special findings of PURE joy and interest and of helpful and healing resources that has aided our journeys through life so that they may become more sustainable and enjoyable.

Eventually, critical spiritual and cultural issues led to the need for serious research and discernment for reasonable, clear and truthful answers as to how and why WE (The People) are in all the various chaotic states we are currently in!

We may not agree with some of the ideas or opinions we share. However, we present them anyways. These open discussions and expressions, held without fear of ridicule or condemnation, should lead us to a greater understanding of one another and hopefully toward a more meaningful life and peaceful planet!

Therefore, proofing and vetting are at different stages of evidence gathering and discovery, yet, supported by as much logic, hard facts and data as time may allow.

Please do YOUR OWN RESEARCH and DUE DILIGENCE and let us engage in mutually respectful discourse. Thank you!

“When one of my dearest friends and I would argue passionately, we’d take it outside and, alas, if we did not come to an agreement, she’d say, coolly, “Let’s agree to disagree for now”! So, we’d let it go and get back to the party and have some fun! That wisdom taught me a BIG life lesson back then and it serves me well today.” ~ RM

For on this path of seeking understanding, what has been alleged has been ASTOUNDING, both in good and wonderful ways and in very sick and evil ones.

This ought to call us to URGENT ACTION!

Regardless, the adventure has taken us from the ordinary into the extraordinary and according to St. Paul’s letter to the Romans:

We know that ALL things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.
~ Romans 8:28

We are excited and grateful to share the gifts and talents others have created here for the provisions for your good and happy life.

What unique gifts and talents are you endowed with that may contribute to the well-being of someone else for the greater good of all and make our world a better place? They need not be huge – a smile, a kind word, silent acts of patience – go a long way these days! Thank you for sharing them!

We hope the content here broadens our unique perspectives to help each of us grow in faith, hope and in love.

Alas, in the end there will only be LOVE.

Thus, we might as well…

“Keep a fire burning in your eye,

pay attention to the open sky,

you never know what will be coming down…”

~ Jackson Browne

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