Helpful ideas and resources to honor and safeguard our Elders

Following is a quick list from phase 1 of a brainstorming that will eventually be turned into proper format…until then why waste the information that undoubtedly lifted the quality of our aging parents and friends and seriously helped us help them more! Some items are ideas and some have been tried and true. Either way we are not guaranteeing anything and urge you to do your own due diligence on the efficacy and purposes for your own situations. Thank you!

  • Visits are always good, especially if you can bring them outdoors for fresh air and sunshine
  • A Car Cane for helping them in and out of the car (even helped me when I injured my knee!)
  • Bathroom side shower pole for assistance in and out of shower
  • Grabber/reacher tools have multiple ones stationed thoughout their living areas