Fountains of Ideas

  • Amusement Park Ride with choice of Heaven or Hell as final destiny with virtue/vice at cross roads, angelic and saintly help, Scriptures, images of beautiful abundant nature fruit of the vine Vs giving tree socialism
  • Canticle of the Creatures Park: Artists create outdoor “rooms” based on each natural attribute of Creation as is being Praised by Saint Frances in his beautiful words.
  • Please help Janthina find her way home…they laugh and call her the breeze. All she ever wants to do was be a hand-maid helper to her mother for the good things that she is trying to make and provide for her family, home and everyone, especially those in the most need. She has gotten waaaay off course. Whilst there are many reason both intentionally and unintentionally which would be of interest to certain people with their own agendas (historians, educators, journalists…). Her final destiny does not rely on the reasons. They rely upon the ALLMighty Powers of God through the Seen and Unseen, Transcendent actions manifested through the willful charity of others…those who are branches and fruits of “The Vine”…(find sea fearing example in the Gospels…or Scriptures or revelations…)