Messengers from Heaven

There are many who think there are no angels and that there exists only nature and the powers generated by it from that which we can only see with our eyes.

Fr. Richard 0’Kennedy writes that:

“Even Aristotle says: “All nations believe that there are individual intelligences beyond the skies that these are subject to no change and to no passion; that they are in enjoyment of the fullest and most perfect life, which consists not so much in action as in contemplation; that they have a king, that they differ from men, and are inconceivably more excellent”.

What do you think?

I believe in angels and that there are good spirits and evil spirits. There are many stories about them proclaimed throughout history. Also, they are mentioned in the Bible and taught through the traditions and writings of one the most brilliant minds ever, Saint Thomas Aquinas, the “Angelic Doctor of the Church”. Considering this and other fascinating discussions about them, like the following one from Peter Kreeft, a contemporary brilliant mind, it is understandable why believing in their realities are possible:

Regardless of what we may choose to believe, this time of year is a wonderful time to look deeper into both of the possibilities.

The search for the truth about them will undoubtedly be a fascinating and daring one into the seen and into the unseen!

Enjoy the journey beyond!

“Honey Tongue” of Milan

Saint Ambrose: his “honey tongued” writing and speeches are as relevant today as they were in the year 374. Not only causing the conversions of great sinners, like Saint Augustine, but also on the contrary, calling out high ranking and powerful people who considered themselves Christian, though their actions spoke dramatically different.

Who are some current high ranking people you can think of who also claim to be Christian, yet their unrepentant and evil ways speak otherwise? Who are the Church Leaders today that are calling them out like this early Doctor of the Church?

I can think of several. Cardinal Vigano is the first one that comes to my mind.

Thank you for your input and keep looking beyond the rhetoric and find out the Truth for yourself.