Broccoli Breakthough!

I just watched a video for a delicious grated broccoli dish on youtube. This has inspired many other, easier and lighter versions of broccoli recipes that will undoubtedly motivate me to eat more of this superfood! I am very excited and I am going adapt this to an Asian version first, without the egg, cream and cheese for when I want a lighter version! Here is the original recipe from youtube:


Guardian Angels and Their Nature.

I’m only a bit into this fascinating discussion from Father Chad Ripperger on Guardian Angels. Already, I’m learning more about human nature and how I may become a better person. This is partly based on the definition he offers on what we humans actually are. He defines humans as:

“An understanding fully volitional being”

I had to look up volitional! Yey! I love words! According to Oxford New American Dictionary it is an adjective that means:

“Relating to the use of one’s will.”

This is an empowering reality for me! What does this mean to you?

You may listen to more of this earth shattering, heavenly discussion here: