Representative Text
1 Jesus, holy, undefiled,
Listen to a little child;
Thou hast sent the glorious light,
Chasing far the silent night.
2 Thou hast sent the sun to shine
O’er this glorious world of Thine,
Warmth to give, and pleasant glow,
On each tender flower below.
3 Now the little birds arise,
Chirping gaily in the skies;
Thee their tiny voices praise
In the early songs they raise.
4 Thou by Whom the birds are fed,
Give to me my daily bread;
And Thy Holy Spirit give,
Without Whom I cannot live.
5 Make me, Lord, obedient, mild,
As becomes a little child;
All day long, in every way,
Teach me what to do and say.
6 Make me, Lord, in work and play,
Thine more truly every day;
And, when Thou at last shalt come,
Take me to Thy heavenly home.

Source: The Church Hymnal: containing hymns approved and set forth by the general conventions of 1892 and 1916; together with hymns for the use of guilds and brotherhoods, and for special occasions (Rev. ed) #620

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